French bulldog




Age……10 Weeks

Breed…French Bulldog

Registration: AKC


French bulldog for sale

The French bulldog for sale is a small breed of domestic dog.Our puppies are all very well cared for and are very healthy naturally. In addition our french bulldog puppies come along with a health certificate showing a clean bill of health and any administered vaccinations.Here at Diamond puppies we provide a high quality of service to our customers around the globe. We are a reputable and trust worthy breeders and dogs rescues for over 12 years. 

Available Pups

Here are just some of our available puppies from our latest blue, lilac, and chocolate litters. We have both boys and girls available now. Our Frenchies come with full AKC Registration and a clean bill of health. They are raised in a loving and caring home with small children. Our babies are ready to bring joy to their new homes!

Quality of my French bulldog for sale

We breed the finest french bulldog puppies of exotic colors. Our frenchies produced are blue, black,white,chocolate, lilac, lilac and tan, pied, brindle and blue and tan french bulldog puppies. For the finest frenchies for sale in the US feel free to contact us by phone or email us.


The French Bulldog, like many other companion dog breeds, requires close contact with humans. As a result, they should not be left alone for more than a few hours because these dogs experience separation anxiety if they are alone for too long.This is especially important when Frenchies are young, but this issue remains a concern into adulthood.Being alone for too long can cause a French Bulldog to behave in a destructive manner, which can include chewing on household items or furniture or even going to the bathroom in the house.

They have fairly minimal exercise needs,but do require at least daily short walks.
French Bulldogs make excellent companions.The Frenchies rarely barks, and if he does it is to draw attention, to point out that he needs something (like attention).This breed is patient and affectionate with its owners, especially with children, who are especially protected by the females. French Bulldogs can easily live with other breeds when the proper introductions are done.


These dogs need warm clothing when out in cold weather. Precautions must be taken when exercising during hot or humid weather, as they are prone to heat stroke. It is also recommended that French Bulldogs who live indoors have access to air conditioning to regulate their temperature. In terms of grooming, the French Bulldog requires regular nail trimming, brushing, occasional bathing, and ear cleaning.It is imperative that they be protected from temperature extremes at all times, and that they always have access to fresh water and shade. French Bulldogs are also prone to allergies, which can cause eczema on the body.Allergies can be caused by foods, insect bites, and French Bulldogs can also be frequently prone to hay fever and ophthalmic diseases.



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